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Matchless Expertise You Can Rely On - Innovative Multifaceted Sustainability – IMS

We combine our ingenuity and science, using our know-how as Chemists and Food scientists to serve & deliver the essential high-performance building blocks together with proactive innovations done with our principles for our market to our customers. Our wish at heart is the sustainability of our partners and we want customers to perform better and successful day over day. In doing so as a service provider, we partner with foreign manufacturing principals to bring-in technology & innovations, high performance, top quality raw materials of the world to make your products irresistible.

Whether small or big, our well-versed human asset offers a unique service & attention with high resources that nobody can match.

Market Leadership - Insight to drive success

Our 40 years of back record of partnerships with customers vouches for our insight that advanced them to lasting success through our innovative solution to suit the market trends. Research data, industry-lead science & technology and insights are deep-seated in our Company culture that is paired with our in-depth knowledge of the market needs empower us to deliver latest solutions that are crucial to products accomplishment of our customers. Our Customers success made us the market leader because we kept our partners at the forefront by our timely reactions with technology and support to meet the market trends.


Since inception in 1982, we continue to  invest in our stuff to update their technical & commercial expertise and problem-solving skills in keeping to the hallmark denoted by IMS - Innovative partnerships in Multiple industries for Sustainable relationships. 


Our Vision

“To be the most progressive creator of new values for our partners”

In true partnership, we inspire  innovations, expedite cost effective solutions, and facilitate new value creations across the industry molding ideas & concepts in to profitable and sustainable products.

Our vision enables our partners to build the next generation businesses by transforming markets, and creating  new business models that serve  positive and lasting impacts on society at large

Our Mission

In our partnerships we uncover process-chemistry to Innovate with Insight & Speed  to optimize the opportunities to sustainable value products.

We uncover Process-Chemistry under our commercial expertise and market knowledge with our goal to develop the best opportunities for growth in the industrial sectors of Coatings & Adhesives, Food & Beverage, Ceramic & Construction, Graphite & Mineral Processing, Personal Care & Pharma, Rubber & Plastics, Specialized Packaging & Laminating Adhesives. Uniquely, our sharing of free technical & commercial  services is faultlessly integrated to innovative formulations and product developments such that they  become market leading products with tangible commercial benefits to our partners.  

Philosophy & Corporate Culture


Our staff being the richest asset and front liners executing operational excellences, the Company Philosophy in turn is to excel them in products Advancements, Insight and Speed to serve the customers. Our operational excellence philosophy demands us to embrace with up-to-date technical knowledge such that our staff be proficient & competent to use their exclusive customer-focused perspective skills to provide commercially viable solutions to the market & process challenges faced by our customers.  Therefore, we invest heavily to update them and to develop the right culture to meet customer expectations through the continuous improvement of the operational process chemistry and we focus on markets we know & understand well to serve at the highest Speed.

Corporate Culture

Since inception IMS is driven & managed by entrepreneurial spirit and dedication of its long outstanding employees which had developed a clan culture among the staff  establishing loyal and lasting customer partnerships. Our culture pursues  quality and service improvement,  process optimization and foster innovation to excel the customer. 

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Over the last four decades, IMS became an ethical supplier maintaining quality culture & service with full of ethics that provided insight of intellectual rigour and experience to master the future challenges of customers. Our dedication to supply quality products & services to surpass the requirements of customers had made us the leader in supply chain. 


“Every step of our supply chain delivers value to customer” Is our promise through ,  

- Specialized updated knowledge on market trends, high performance technologies and R&D to provid quality and efficiency  to our customers. 

- Value engineering without sacrificing functionality to develop unique products having  exclusivity & originality to ensure consumer loyalty.

- Supply chain  with good storage practices to  reduce costs & inventory holding 


Backed by world renown manufacturing suppliers, we guarantee quality and genuine products  to our customer with ethical practices and all technical inputs.


We stand out for the service we offer our customers by fast and appropriate response, in developing unique products to ensure customer loyalty and guaranteeing  the maximum safety  of our products while establishing strong relationships with our customers.

Our Expertise Team

Technically & commercially qualified, committed team is the smartest and  finest asset of ours who work hand in hand with you to innovate solutions that are backed by science and technology. Our reputation to serve you promptly and most successfully by our  dedicated team together with our interdisciplinary foreign associative experts & their R&D facilities to create safe & most technologically advanced solutions to industry challenges had kept us steps ahead in the industrial market with accolades from customers. In our process chemistry, we are always ahead in innovations to pursue responsible value chain developments for Customers 

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