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Our well-trained staff is using their unique perspective and expertise to find profitable innovative solutions to response to process challenges of customers. Together with you, we will develop the optimal solution for your processing task for you to profit from an innovative partner that supports you over the long term. In addition to IMS being a premier provider of leading-edge technologies from major fore-frontier global suppliers who develop new materials for your applications, we maintain such inventories at your disposal. By warehousing such high performance, cost effective, technical raw materials, we assist your production and development of new items to your portfolio to ensure maximum benefit to our customers while establishing mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our Principal Partners for Rubber & Plastics industries

  • Akdeniz Chemson PVC Stabilizers, Processing Aids, Lubricants, Additives
  • Omya International AG: Calcium Carbonate and Extenders
  • Sibelco Malaysia Sdn Bhd;Kaolin, Clays
  • Saewoo Chemical Manufacturing Corp.
  • Sulphur POCL Enterprises Ltd;Lead, Zinc and Soyabean Oil
  • Hebei Jingxin Chemical Group Co.,Ltd Impact Modifiers, Acrylic Processing Aids
  • Nismix Singapore Grain Mills
  • Lanxess Germany Iron Oxide pigment (Bayfferox)
  • Hira Ceramics Co, Ltd Grinding Media for Rubber Industry
  • Thai-Lysaght Company Limited Zinc Oxide
  • Tsukasa Trading Co., Ltd Rubber chemicals Behn Meyer Stearic Acid
  • Ruichem China Titanium Dioxide
  • Troy Corporation Biocides and Additives
  • Siberline, USA – Metallic Pigments
  • United Initiators, USA – Organic Peroxides ; BENOX CAROAT, CUROX and NOROX
  • WR Grace, Germany – Silica Matting Agents
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