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The most vital pillar of the company with its policy to collaborate to overcome process challenges in developing supper-performance, competitive, sustainable products. To enhance numerous surface qualities & adhesion performance of your finished Paints, Inks or Adhesives, we offer high-performance additives ranging from Biocides, Coalescing agents, Defoamers, Wetting & dispersing agents, Anti settle, Mating agents, Processing aids to prevent foaming, "pinhole"/"fisheye" defects, and raw materials including Pigments, TiO2, Extenders & Fillers, Hardeners Volume boosters etc for any coating system.

Our Principal raw materials Partners for Coating Industry

  • Troy Co USA - Specialty Additives, Biocides & Preservatives for Paints & Printing Inks, Driers
  • Omya, Switzerland – Calcium Carbonate Extenders
  • Siberline, USA – Metallic Pigments
  • Lanxess, Germany – Inorganic Pigments ( Iron Oxide & Chrome Oxide Pigments)
  • WR Grace, Germany – Silica Matting Agents
  • Oxytop Sp.Z o.o. PL 62 – Organic Peroxides (Di Benzoyl Peroxide)
  • Safic Alcan, Netherlands – Nitro Cellulose Chips
  • Eastman Chemicals, USA – Coalescing Agents
  • Celanese Emulsions, USA – Emulsion Binders
  • AIHAI, China – Talc Powder HIRA Ceramics, Japan – Grinding beads (Alumina beads, Zirconium & Cerium coated beads etc.)
  • E.J Payne, UK – Laboratory equipment for paint industry
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