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IMS had served throughout the four decades of its history as supplier of Raw Materials & Machinery for the Ceramic & Refractory industry that includes Glazes & fritz, Stains, Segar cones, Dispersing & Wetting Agents, Clays & minerals, Bolting Cloths, Grinding media, Kilns etc.

Our portfolio of specialty chemicals for construction industry includes concrete admixtures, specialized chemicals, pigments that enhance the performance of cement and concrete, as well as improve cement production efficiency. All our construction materials are essentially robust, and in all solutions, the end-product capabilities contribute to durability in varying environments.

Our Principal raw materials Partners for Ceramic & Construction

  • Reimbold & Strick – Stains & Frits
  • Hira Ceramics, Japan – Grinding Media
  • E.J. Payene, UK – Ceramic Instruments & Labware
  • Poliya Polyester, Turkey – Unsaturated Polyester Resins
  • Sefar, Switzerland – Ceramic Printing mesh
  • Larand Chemical Co. USA – Borosilicate
  • Thai Laysight, Thailand – Zinc Oxide
  • Interser, Italy – Spare parts & Machinery for ceramic industry
  • Vannobel Granulats, France – Flint Pebbles
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