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D N Kodagoda

General Manager & Chief Compliance Officer

Nayomi Kodagoda leads quality and regulatory functions of our raw material supplies to ensure we meet the needs of the markets and customers we serve while establishing trends and regulatory requirements. Over the last 24 year of her service, she had been setting the direction for our commitment to provide quality raw materials and maintaining compliance with all quality and regulatory requirements. Being well versant of the customer’s value chain, critical success factors, and key initiatives, she develops business plans and sales strategies for her team to maintain and strengthen key commercial and technical relationships strategic to our business goals in the market. Guided by her, IMS team is ready to attend and deal with Regulatory compliances, Customer approvals, Price benefactions, Supply contracts, Market forecasts and other factors involved in raw material supplies. Keeping to our corporate culture, she focuses on building and retaining a diverse and all-encompassing team. She holds the overall responsibility to drive the sales growth in each Business Unit (BU) in the Company. She collaborates with each BU offering solutions to ensure IMS of its leadership positioning in the Industrial Chemical Market through out.

Nayomi brings more than 24 years of techno-commercial experience to her role in leading the IMS team in selecting perfect materials to serve the customers. She has a Botany Special Bachelor’s degree from University of Peradeniya.

Coatings, Ceramics & Construction Business Unit

Product Portfolio Manager
Customer Care Officer
Business Support Executive

Praveen Alwis is a graduate in Chemistry from University of Ruhuna holds Licentiate membership at Institute of Chemistry and Associate membership at Sri Lanka Institute of Marketing. With his year over experience at Camco Michelin with hands on implementation of ISO, his services to customers of this BU started in 2015 under the direct expert guidance of Nayomi Kodagoda.

Praveen mediates and discusses with Research & Development Experts of our foreign Principals in finding most insightful product innovation for production line issues, quality challenges, cost parameters, in new innovations etc of customers in developing products for the customers. He regularly updates his knowledge by working with colleagues of global performance additive teams. He uncovers and report current and future market trends & needs, recommending the management to develop new high demand specialty chemicals to develop intelligent solutions for sustainable growth of customers. His participations in Industrial shows/symposiums, product training & work programs with world renown chemical suppliers such as Lanxess, BYK, WR Grace, Troy, Silberline, Eastman had given him leverage to promote appropriate solutions in the market segment. Assisted by Samaranayake & Vinodini in warehousing, distribution & import logistics he serves the industrial sectors of Paints, Printing inks, FRP Composites and Ceramics.

Rubber & Plastics Business Unit

Product Portfolio Manager

Sandun Ranasinghe holds a Bachelor’s degree from Wayamba University & Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing UK, supported by Samaranayake in inventory controls & distribution and in import consolidations & logistics by Vino, serves with high performance Polymer chemicals & Additives required by industrial sectors of Latex Rubber, Glove Industry, Solid Rubber, Elastomers, Synthetic leather and all Plastics industries since 2011. He develops relationships across functions and at different levels within the customer’s organization and identifies the customer needs to transform them to sustainable businesses. He negotiates with top level decision makers and technical teams as well with supply chain to win projects that had resulted increased market share specially for high performance PVC stabilizers, Polymer Additives, Biocides and Pigments . He had undergone technical trainings and product exposures with Chemson, BYK, Omya International AG, Thai-Lysaght etc. His excellent customer relationships at all levels always expedite businesses effectively and timely.

Flavours & Food Ingredients Business Unit

Product Portfolio Manager
Business Development Executive
Customer Care Officer

Shermila Thammitage holds a Bachelor’s degree in Food & Nutrition from Wayamba University and has hands-on experience of 10 years in R & D, Production & Quality assurance in Dairy Industry. Teamed up for sales with her are her Deputy Nethmini Walisinghe, a graduate in Food Science of Uva Wellassa University, Jayantha Goonasinghe in logistics and Ravidu Dilshan in TIEP inventories collectively responsible for serving the customer base under the portfolio of Flavours & Food Ingredients.

Shermila monitors industry trends and discusses to share new market developments & trends with her team & with foreign technical colleagues to have winning strategies. Her multitasking abilities to analyze existing market challenges & limitations, competition & strategies and to share them with the team to offer idea sustainable technical solutions to improve upon them with the usual fast and unbeatable responsive IMS actions to customers together with her personal open & friendly relationships makes her to thrive in competitive environments.

Her Team leverages a strong internal and external reputation for efficient deployment of necessary technical resources to meet the required market aspirations of the customers coupled with sustained market driven creativity for customers’ success with prompt logistic service. BU serves the Biscuit & Bakery, Tea Flavoring Beverages & Powdered Soft Drink, Confectionary & Dairy, Coconut Milk & It’s Powder, Extruded Snacks & Nutri-Bites, Fruit Processing, Gourmet Food, Processed Meat, Sauces & Dressings, Cereal Food, Livestock Feeds, Water Desserts. Shermila and team members Nethmini & Jayantha had undergone several hands-on technical training programs and product update exposures with Ingredion, Firmenich, Ricken, Silesia, Indesso, Chanel Cost2Cost etc.

Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products (PPCPs), Specialized Packaging & Laminating Adhesives, Bakery Ingredients

Ishan Randika

Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products (PPCPs)

Director Samitha Seneviratne heads above three BUs of which, unit PPCPs is promoted by himself with the assistance of Delain Sheshani Leeniyagoda holding a MBA from the University of Sunderland (UK) generating and developing all new sales opportunities amongst continued regular pipeline supply chain deliveries.

Specialized Packaging

Ishan Randika Being responsible for sales of Specialized Packaging & Laminating Adhesives BU, identifies and map target accounts and develops sales strategies and business plans to meet the customers’ value chain and critical success factors. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Material Technology from Rajarata University of Srilanka, and widens the market by offering cost beneficial profound solutions for packaging of processed food, poultry, dairy, seafood, fruits and vegetables while serving the convertors with laminating adhesives.

Bakery Ingredients

. with the responsibility for BU of Bakery Ingredients, serves the countrywide bakeries with his team of area sales officers. With call reports and market intelligence integrate competitive information to map sales and manage agents and distributors. He offers his 20 years of techno-commercial experience with Swiss Multinational Company, and conduct technical demonstrations, manage agents and distributors with assistance of Area Sales Officers of his team.

Business Support Executives

Business Support Executive to Chairman
Business Support Executive to Director

Out of the above three application sectors are headed & guided by the Board Director Samitha Seneviratne, Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products (PPCPs) is driven to growth by themselves with abetment of good samaritan Sheshani Dilain Leeniyagoda to generate and develop all new sales opportunities amongst continued regular pipeline supply chain deliveries.



Keshika Ensuring to comply all Company fiscal policies, local and statutory financial regulations Keshika serves the sales team in importation of Chemical Raw Material and prepare cost build up Summery Sheet for all the imported goods and close the stock accounts. She monitors all corporate banking matters, ensures to receive & reconcile original monthly banks statements, carries out banks deductions and credit advices, shipments related banks advices/payments; and maintains accurate company financial records. She helps the team in cost analysis to make business decisions by preparation of cost build up Summery sheet for all the imported Chemical Raw materials and to the stock account.

Delivers a full mix of financial duties covering preparation of financial statements and Monthly management accounts, quarterly VAT returns, Year end statutory accounts, managing ledgers, assisting with audits or fact-checking, resolving discrepancies, preparing budgets and reports required for financial growth. While documenting and administering accounting software he has extended his service to provide ERP end user training & technical support to Company staff. He attends to day-to-day operations of the Accounts Department with data entry processing, analyzing, documenting and Sales reports, Quarterly VAT returns etc that help the IMS team to expand & widen business.

IT & Human Resources Administration

IT Administrator
HR Development Executive

Chanaka holds MCP of Microsoft S’pore and Diploma in Computer Hardware Networking of VTC Dehiwala. Since 2012, he had been in charge of digital security and performing maintenance to ensure the Company’s ERP system efficiency while troubleshooting to resolve any IT issues, and maintaining our networks and servers in a manner to provide an uninterrupted and speedy service across the company structure and to our valued partners of above referred all BUs. He is responsible for the whole computer system of IMS and its associate companies ensuring the installations of upgrading, configuring new hardware & software to establish the best reliable operation of the whole systems of the local area networks, Servers, Data security, Multimedia systems & their peripherals. The administrator ensures and maintains the whole internal IT structure and gets them up-to-dated with advancements and best practices in IT administration regularly to meet company objectives while recommending all related purchases for the system to assist everybody with their related work. He ensures to implement security protocols and procedures to prevent potential threats, diagnostic tests and debugging procedures to optimize computer systems as well as backing up and archiving data, developing data retrieval and recovery procedures.

Udika, ensures that the workforce is able to provide and perform optimal service to meet our objectives toward customers and carries out staff recruitments, orient & train to fulfill Company goals. As a generalist, his remit covers a broad range of duties such as support and guidance to management, and other staff when complex and sensitive human resources issues arise, develop employee relations, establish current and future talent needs & their retention, and succession planning, careers coaching, health and safety, insurances, daily workflow of departments, headhunting, providing constructive and timely performance evaluations.

Accounts Executive
Doc. Assistant Cum Receptionist
Import Export Documentation Assistant
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